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I wanted to make sure that my tempeh was truly authentic and of the highest quality, so I embarked on a research trip across Java that took me from the highland town of Malang in the east - famed for its pure air and superior tempeh – to the bustling megacity of Jakarta. I spent months learning the time-honoured techniques and processes that have been passed down from generation to generation of master tempeh makers.

Below are some photos of the time I spent with my patient teachers who generously shared their time and expertise.

Back in the UK, I had to find a way to re-create the right tempeh making environment to guarantee the same outstanding quality found in Indonesia - no easy matter as most tempeh in Indonesia is fermented outside at a stable 28-32. However, after much trial and error, I developed a method to produce authentic Indonesian-style tempeh here in the UK. We’re still doing this seven years later, albeit in ever-increasing large batches as demand grows.


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