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Our high-quality tempeh is always pure, fresh and unadulterated. It is made with the same processes and techniques I learned in Java - methods which took months to learn and years to hone.

As a tempeh purist, I believe that tempeh is only at its best when fresh, which is why we only ever supply fresh tempeh. Simple. Natural. We never compromise on quality meaning that our tempeh is never pasteurised or pre-fried to extend shelf life.

Or visit the original home of Indonesian tempeh in London - our stall on Leather Lane Market. If you’re in the area on a Thursday/Friday lunchtime, drop by and sample our fresh homemade tempeh - cooked with love. It's also possible to buy fresh tempeh from the stall to take home, but it sells out quickly so it's best to email us a day or two before so we can keep some aside for you!

This doesn’t make for easy compatibility with carbon-hungry supply chains, supermarket shelves and online shops, so we’re working on some innovative solutions to make sure you’ll soon be able to get the best fresh tempeh delivered straight to your door - from us to you, fast and chilled.

Want to try our authentic tempeh right now? We deliver to some of London’s best restaurants and eateries, where you can try our fresh tempeh cooked by some of the country’s most talented and creative chefs.

Are you a business interested in putting our fresh tempeh on your menu? We’d love to hear from you. We currently deliver across London, and will soon be supplying our fresh tempeh nationwide.

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Alternatively, why not try making fresh tempeh at home? Nothing beats homemade fresh tempeh (still warm from incubation) and we hope to turn the UK into a nation of craft tempeh makers! To this aim, we're now providing full tempeh making kits along with tips and detailed instructions on how to make the same great tempeh that we've been making for years. Check out our shop.