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Make the best organic fresh tempeh at home with our comprehensive tempeh making kit. It contains all the ingredients you’ll need to make 10 x (425g) blocks of fresh tempeh, which can also be made in five separate batches - enough for between 40-60 portions of cooked tempeh!

Amd don’t worry if you’ve never made tempeh before, we include a detailed step-by-step instructions card (and an accompanying video) calling on our many years of tempeh making experience to ensure you’ll be making great tempeh every time!

What this kit contains:

2.5 kg (5 x 500 g bags) of dried dehulled organic non-GMO soya beans
30 g of lab-tested non-GMO tempeh starter culture (Rhizopus Oligosporus)
10 x zip lock fermentation pouches
Perforation tools
Detailed tempeh-making instructions card with accompanying video links

Nothing can beat the taste of homemade organic tempeh, freshly harvested and still warm from incubation. But be warned, once you try fresh homemade tempeh, you may never be able to see shop bought pasteurised tempeh in quite the same light again.

 organic and non-GMO