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To introduce tempeh to a wider audience, we opened a street food stall on Leather Lane Market in 2014 called ‘Warung Tempeh’. However, this was difficult for non-Indonesian speakers to remember and I became known in the area simply as ‘The Tempeh Man’.

We can still be found on Leather Lane Market to this day - every Thursday and Friday lunchtime serving our delicious homemade tempeh in two tasty dishes cooked from scratch on our stall using only fresh natural ingredients.

We are currently serving Lodeh Tempe (traditional Javanese coconut-based tempeh curry) and cumin tempeh (a spicy, tangy tomato-based dish with robust flavours). Our days start at 4 a.m. so we can cook these two dishes on our stall each morning, slowly and with love. There are no dark kitchens here! For many years, mornings on Leather Lane have been spiced up with the enticing and exotic aromas of Indonesia!

I’ve also become quite well-known in Indonesia where I’m called the Bule Tukang Tempe (westerner tempeh maker) and have attracted considerable media attention over the years. If you speak a little Bahasa, you might want to check out the following third-party videos/interviews on YouTube. They’re all in Indonesian, which I speak, although I’ve become quite rusty over the years - so please forgive me (minta maaf)!





our stall


our stall is temorarily closed due to the impact of Covid-19 but we'll open again shortly when people begin returning to work